Law Enforcement & Military

Law Enforcement & Military Costumes for Men

Our huge collection of Men's Law Enforcement and Military costumes has many choices that will make it easy for you to find the perfect fit. Use our more realistic choices such as our Police Officer Uniform or Special Forces uniform that simply command a certain level of respect and exudes a heavy dose of authority. Or you may opt for a more silly or whimsical costume choice such as a Keystone Cop or a Strip Search Officer costume. Let's not forget that sometimes it's fun to be the bad guy as well with off beat options such as burglars and convicts. Take your Halloween fun into custody with one of these amazingly life like costumes!

You may think of them as having ultimate power. Or perhaps you may think of them more as society's biggest unsung heroes. No matter what your view on law enforcement officers is, when it comes to Halloween costumes, the police officer or military concept goes way beyond "to protect and to serve." Since many of us were kids, playing cops and robbers or war games has become a cultural right of passage. Catching the bad guys and putting them in pretend prison is a game that many kids still enjoy. It wouldn't be so out of the ordinary to have an adult fantasy that still lies dormant within about being one of these power figures. This scenario is exactly what Halloween is all about. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as one of these powerful and heroic figures, even if it is only for one night and you are only there to take the bad guys out of your Halloween party and have some arresting fun.