Medieval & Renaissance

Medieval & Renaissance Costumes for Men

Medieval and Renaissance costumes are very popular choices for Halloween dress up. Our huge selection of Men's Medieval and Renaissance costumes includes a cast of Knights, Noblemen, Mercenaries, Pirates and Monks so you will certainly be able to bring your favorite Renaissance character to life with ease. Recreating one of these unique historical figures is an original costume idea that should not be missed!

One of the most fascinating time periods in history is the era known as the Renaissance period. The word Renaissance itself means a revival or renewal of life. The Renaissance period certainly was a time of great activity in the world of art and literature, as well as society, which spanned from the 14th to the 17th centuries. The Renaissance period transitioned man from the more primitive medieval culture to a more modern and culturally civilized one, seeing great growth in many facets of life. Fashion, in addition to art, science and other cultural areas were evolving during this time period as well. Much of what one wore during this time period however, was a direct reflection of your social class or position in society. Peasants or serfs obviously would have the simplest and most rudimentary clothing, while those born into affluence or that were of noble descent would have more elaborate and ornate fashions. The brave and noble knights that were also very infamous during the Renaissance period sported some of the most interesting garb, often including various forms of appropriate weaponry as well as armor.