Pirate Costumes

Pirate Costumes for Men

We know you want to be one--whether it's a dark and evil bad guy pirate like Black Beard or a creepy Zombie pirate--or a kinder, gentler pirate such as Jack Sparrow, the character made popular in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. Dressing and acting as a pirate for Halloween is an exciting high sea costume adventure that you won't want to miss. Yo ho, yo ho-a pirate's life for me!!

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! So ye being wantin' a pirate costume now? Ha, well ye've come to the right place then matey! The pirate character himself has been around for hundreds of years with a somewhat swarthy reputation at best. A recent resurgence in pirate popularity has occurred over the past decade, largely due to feature films such as those in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Today's pirate characters are a bit more complicated than the seafaring rogues we knew of yesteryear. Today's pirates are a mix of good and bad, brains and brawn, with a little bit of hero thrown into the mix to add some softness to the ruffian seafarer. Pirate costumes have become one of the hands down favorites amongst the masses in recent years, and with good reason. The standard pirate garb is very unique and detailed, with many pieces, appropriate accoutrements and even some nifty weaponry to go along with it. This in and of itself makes dressing as a pirate a very fun costume choice, but then there is the obvious allure of the pirate persona himself. The character of the pirate is pretty fabulous. Pirates have colorful personalities that have the added bonus of having their own unique lingo, too. "Talk Like a Pirate" day is a perfect example of the fun that can be had while speaking this special and unique pirate language. Argggh.