T-Shirt Costumes

T-Shirt Costumes for Men

Our large Men's T-shirt costume selection includes a wide variety of character styles made just for you, the more simple man. The perfect uncomplicated as well as inexpensive costume choice can be just a few mouse clicks away with one of these very cleverly designed T-shirt costume choices.

You know who you are--you're a simple man. No frills, no fanfare, no hoopla. When it comes to costumes, you like much the same. You like being a part of the dress up festivities, but you'd like to maintain your low maintenance image as much as possible. Does this guy sound like you? Perhaps a t-shirt costume is the perfect choice for you. A t-shirt costume is exactly what it sounds like. A t-shirt designed with a specific character in mind is the central focus of the ensemble. Some t-shirt costumes come with masks, hats or other simple accessories that are made to compliment the look. Made specifically to be worn alone as a t-shirt, some of these costumes hold their own just worn with your own jeans or other simple attire. If the idea of a very low-maintenance costume appeals to your sensibilities, a t-shirt costume may be the perfect as well as most simple option available to you. Some of the characters you can choose from include: Jack Sparrow, Iron Man, Power Rangers, Captain America, Megatron as well as Spiderman. The idea is simple, a cleverly designed t-shirt that looks like much more "costume" than it actually is. You can stop with the shirt or you can add a few unique accessories to really jazz up your look even more. Simple doesn't have to mean boring; you can make even this basic costume choice into something that is very fun for your next Halloween bash.