TV & Movie Costumes

TV & Movie Costumes for Men

If you are looking for a Halloween costume that is fun, interesting and is also very modern and current, choosing a favorite television or movie character is an obvious choice for many. Use our fabulous Men's TV and Movie costume collection to find your favorite costume character today!

Admit it. When it comes to television and the movies, we are all secretly just a little bit addicted. Movies are still a fairly inexpensive escape into another world, and when it comes to some world-class entertainment, today's feature films provide big bang for the buck. It's really no wonder then, that even in some very economically challenging times, movies are still a popular activity for most of us. For those times when a movie just won't do, the "smaller" screen that's set up right in our living room is likely a very viable alternative. The vast array of cable stations and some pretty fabulous programming has introduced today's television viewer to high quality shows that are also readily available. What you can't watch now, thanks to modern technology, you can often watch later at your own convenience. With so much fabulous viewing that is also easily accessible, it's no wonder television and movies seem to have captivated us all. We've been catapulted into a brave new world that also includes many exciting and interesting characters. These characters are well known and beloved by all; plus you get the added benefit of honing a few of your own acting chops yourself, in the process of bringing your version of the character to life. Our ginormous selection of Men's TV and Movie character costumes has a plethora of choices that will inspire you when it comes to dressing up. TV and the movies is a great source of Halloween inspiration. Starting with the likes of Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, Captain America, Buzz Lightyear or Batman, you can use characters from your favorite movies as your source of inspiration. If your favorite TV character is something you would rather bring to life, we have many choices from retro to modern for your choosing. Gilligan, Gumby, The Lone Ranger, Popeye and Sponge Bob are some of the exciting and fun TV characters that you will find on these pages.