Western Costumes

Western Costumes for Men

Our western costume collection includes additional looks including Outlaws, Gunslingers, Lawmakers, Indian Braves, Bandits, Mexican Banditos, Bounty Hunters and of course, a wide variety of authentic looking cowboys. If taking a trip back to the Wild West appeals to you, you should say "Howdy" to our huge collection of Men's Western costumes!

There is something unique and very special about the time in American history known as the Wild, Wild West. There is a definite reason why this terminology is used. The term "wild" likely stems from the untamed and restless nature of the western territories in those early days when the west was new. Native Americans already inhabited much of the land, but the rest of it was a vast, open and endless stretch of unsettled land that had laid quietly for hundreds of years. New settlers were anxious to move westward in order to obtain land of their own: to raise crops, livestock and families. Miners came to the west seeking riches through mining the land of its gold and silver. Still others, who were suffering from religious persecution, sought refuge in the western territories. The Wild West has many brave and fearless characters associated with it. Many of these personas come straight out of the history books and are actually based on factual events as well as people from these time periods. Other western favorites come from movies and television shows that are based on that era. Western costumes make a fabulous dress up idea that pays due homage to one of the most notorious and exciting time periods in U.S. history. Colorful cowboys, fierce Native Americans and old time Sherriff's are just a few of the rambunctious western characters you can choose for your next costume event.