Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes for Men

Creating a really nasty, hideous and frightening zombie look is actually ridiculously easy with one of our amazing Men's zombie costumes. These detailed costume ensembles come with a wide range of inherent fear attached; it will be up to you how creepy or scary you really want to go while recreating your version of the "living dead". From the mildly silly, tongue in cheek Prom King Zombie to the more morbid and gruesome Rotting Flesh or Creature Reacher zombies, you will find plenty of freaked out looks to bring straight to life this Halloween as part of this fabulous Men's Zombie collection!

Although the Zombie costume has always been a traditional Halloween favorite, there has been a new resurgence in the popularity of this look during the past couple of years. The legend of the zombie actually stems from the ancient Haitian religion of Voodoo. The school of thought for this form of Voodoo is that a recently deceased person can be brought back to life by using certain forms of Voodoo magic that is quickly performed by a Voodoo magic practitioner. Even though the person is "alive" again, they are not themselves at all, but actually become a brainless being, lacking in all personality. Once brought back to life, the "zombie" has only one mission, and that is to feast on the flesh of the living, the favorite meal of the zombie being the brains of human beings. Gross, but hey, we are just the messengers here.