Once you’ve picked out the perfect costume for your event, the fun begins. Accessorizing your costume with all those neat little extras is a quick and easy way to add some serious style and panache to your entire look. What do we mean by accessories? Well, a whole lot of everything falls into this category. From makeup and hats to jewelry and weapons, when it comes to the finer points of costuming, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Our massive accessory collection just got bigger. This year, as part of our New for 2017 accessory collection, we’ve added all manner of cool “ this and that” --all things that are sure to take your costume look up a notch. Shoes, boots, wings, ears, wigs, hosiery, all manner of baubles and so much more--all these are here in our new accessory assortment, and we’re just getting started. No matter what your chosen character look needs, this is a good place to start. Check out this amazing new stash of goodies that are sure to give your costume loads of original style and flair.