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Kids Costumes

New for 2018 Kids Costumes

You just gotta love the creative mind of a child. It's just not enough for a kid to watch their favorite characters in the movies or on television, or even to read about them in the pages of their beloved comic books. Kids absolutely love to get dressed and fully geared up as these characters, too.

Top 5 Kids Costumes, New for 2018

#New for 2018 Kids Costume NameRangeYearModel
1 Child's Victorian Rose Costume $51 - $69 2018 FM72390
2 The Incredibles Child Dash Costume $41 - $54 2018 DG12210
3 Child's Power Ranger Red Ranger Costume $41 -$57 2018 DG67405
4 Child's Transformers Optimus Prime Costume $39 - $59 2018 DG22394
5 Girl's Disney Vampirina Costume $31 - $43 2018 DG66089

In a kid's mind and imagination, he can actually temporarily become one of these exciting characters. The beauty of today's costumes is that these amazingly authentic getups make it incredibly easy for your child to dress up as whatever character may be desired, all while taking their imagination (not to mention fun) to new heights! Whether it be as a superhero, a princess, a cartoon character or even as a silly animal, your child is going to love playing dress up in his favorite character costumes!

Our New for 2018 Kid's costume collection is definitely something you and your child are going to want to check out. This extraordinary assortment of costumes contains all the very latest styles and the trendiest costume characters that your child is going to love; plus a few new incarnations of some of the old favorite costume characters, too. Dressing up as compelling characters is some of the most fun a kid can possibly have, whether it's for Halloween or just for imaginative playtime at home. For the freshest looks available in today's costume marketplace, look no further; the New for 2018 children's costumes are here!