Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Tips 

Putting On The Glitz: Tips for Creating Dazzling Outdoor Holiday Decor!

Do you want the best outdoor Christmas display on the block? Or do you just want to put up a few simple strands of holiday lights? In order to get the most out of your seasonal decorating, follow some of our basic strategies for getting the job done.

Come up with a Plan. We've all been there. You're up on your roof putting your lights up and you suddenly realize that you've got a few burned out bulbs. Or even worse, you are holding two male ends on a couple of cords you want to string together. Putting up Christmas decor without dealing with some of these minor catastrophes can be easily avoided by having a general game plan and strategy for your project.

As you contemplate your holiday decorating, it's very easy to get caught up in the annual subtle neighborhood competition and rivalry that sometimes exists when it comes to putting up holiday decorations. Do not fall victim to this way of thinking, as it can be a huge form of self-induced holiday stress. Putting up holiday decorations should always be a fun expression of the joy you and your family feel at Christmastime. In other words, don't ever feel guilty if your decor is a little light compared to the guy next door.

If you are a beginner or a novice decorator, or are putting up holiday decorations for the first time, it's best to start small. A simple strand of lights around the roofline of your home may be adequate. Consider accessorizing the simplest of light displays with some of today's large pre-lit yard art or decor. Many times, these simple to use decorative pieces require little more assembly than just plugging them into a power source. For very little effort, these charming and unique items do bring a lot of personality and fun into your holiday display.

The first thing you are going to want to do is draw a rudimentary sketch of your house and yard. Decide where you would like to place your decorations and which areas of your home and yard you want to adorn with holiday lights. Decide on a focal point for your decor. If you are going all out, you may have several focal points or large yard decorations that you will be showing off. If your holiday decorations are going to be simpler, perhaps your front door adorned with lights and a holiday wreath will be your focal point. It's all just a matter of personal preference.

When you are deciding where you want to put your decorations and lights, it's very important to be very aware of the locations of your available power sources. There is nothing worse than getting your lights up and then realizing that there is not a convenient place to plug into the power. Make sure you plan accordingly.

Take Inventory. Once you have your decorating game plan drawn out, it's time to take a basic inventory of your decorating supplies. Since most of your Christmas decor has been packed away for a year, it's important to take it out and look at it carefully in order to assess the condition of your gear. Now is the time for you to plug in and test your strands of lights to ensure that they are working. It's very important that you do this while you are on the ground and not while you are up on a ladder! Look at all the various wires and make sure that none are loose or frayed. Make sure you have adequate extension cords. At this time, you should replace any bulbs that are burned out. Burned out bulbs can drain the power and dim the light of surrounding bulbs. Before you head to the store to buy anything, make sure you take a few measurements. Measuring is particularly important for any straight areas that you will be putting lights on such as the roofline, fences, railings, etc. Next, make a list of any items that you will need to purchase.

Make sure that all lights, decor items, and extension cords are intended for outdoor use. Lights and cords should always be UL rated

Let There Be Light! Once you have all your supplies assembled, it's time to begin your decorating. Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder handy. It's always a good idea to have a helper around to hold the ladder steady for you when you are putting lights up in high places. Plan on putting your lights up in phases. By dividing up your project into two or three phases, you are not only making the job more manageable, but also far less stressful. Make each phase of your decorating a complete project in itself so that if you never make it to the next phase, your lights will still look finished and fabulous. For example, perhaps you may want to begin with putting lights around the roofline of your home and on the major trees in your yard. Phase two could be to add some yard decor items and lights on the smaller bushes, walls, and foliage.

Plastic roof fasteners and clips make attaching lights to the gutters or shingles of your roof quick and easy. The roofline is also a great place to consider hanging some icicle lights. Wind tree trunks with mini lights. When putting lights in tree branches, avoid winding them around the tree in straight lines. Random patterns or waves look much better in trees.

Pathway lights, lighted animated pieces and inflatable holiday characters are just a few examples of the unique and whimsical decorations you can add to your yard display. These special items will give your yard bright light, color, whimsy and loads of personality. After you have your decorations in place, stand back and assess things. Make adjustments or additions as necessary. Have fun with your decorating and use it as an opportunity to express your family's unique personality and joy during the holiday season.

Transforming your home and yard into a holiday winter wonderland for the Christmas season doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. A little planning and organization will go a long way to making putting up your holiday lights simple and fun with truly dazzling results! Once you are finished decorating, it's time for you and your neighbors to enjoy the fruition of your decorating project. The addition of outdoor decorations is sure to go a long way toward making your holiday season very merry and bright!


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