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2021's best selection of Pet Costumes are here. We have a wide assortment of dog costumes for large and small dogs. After all, why should humans have all the Halloween fun? Let your dog dress-up too. We feature a large selection of pet costumes for Halloween and other occasions. Make sure your pet has a costume for Halloween too!

The Best Pet  Costumes are Here!

As anyone who has a pet already knows, your animal is a member of your family. Although perhaps more furry than everyone else in the house, there is no doubt about it, we love our dogs. (And our kitties, too!) The process of keeping a pet inside has brought along a lot of changes in the doggey world. There are things we (out of necessity) must train our dogs to do to be a part of the civilized world, even though some of it does go against their natural instincts. These changes in animal behavior have changed how animals are treated as a whole, and overall, pets have a better life than ever. Our dogs have been required to evolve a bit, but the end result is a happy and healthy life for our pets and many joyful interactions with their owners.

As part of the bonding process with our animals, sometimes we naturally assign human characteristics to them, beginning with the simple act of naming them. At Halloween time (or other event where a costume is appropriate), you might be considering dressing up your pet in a really adorable pet costume. Yes, believe it or not Halloween costumes are not just for people! Your animal will let you know if they enjoy this, and some will let you know quickly if they don’t. Many dogs enjoy the extra attention that they will receive by wearing a costume and although they don’t understand the significance of the costume itself, they will understand the extra petting, cuddling and affection they receive because of it.

Halloween Express has a large selection of pet costumes to give you many options, from the very cute and whimsical to the more traditional Halloween styles. You may want to consider the breed of your animal and what might be the cutest or most practical outfit for his shape and size. Sometimes the opposite of what your dog looks like makes the silliest and most attention getting choice. For example a Ballerina look on a Bulldog would be absolutely precious and will get your little pooch lots of extra attention. A fierce Superhero look on a small and fluffier dog is also a fun choice. Let your imagination (and your pet’s feelings) be your guide!