Famous Characters

Famous Pet Costumes

Our selection of Famous Character pet costumes will give you some great ideas for Halloween costumes for your precious little pet. A superhero costume may be a natural choice, or perhaps you might just want to dress up your doggy as an especially "Hot Dog." (Condiments included!) No matter what costume you choose, dressing up the family pet is a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and take your family fun to a whole new level! Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Elvis pet costumes, Santa pet costumes, Superman and Spiderman pet costumes! Does your favorite pet have an inner Elvis that is just waiting to come out? It's a normal part of owning a pet to at times assign human characteristics to it. From the time we adopt our pets we sometimes assume that they are feeling various human emotions. We bring them home to love and sometimes it feels natural to think that they are somewhat like us. Dogs may not actually understand or feel exactly as we assume they do, but the act of owning, caring for and loving an animal is a wonderful experience with many rewards of its own. Dressing your pet up for Halloween is fun and is sometimes unexpected. Your animal is going to be very cute dressed up in his famous character costume. Although he really won't understand that he's Elvis or Spiderman, or what that actually means, he will appreciate the extra playtime that everyone wants to give him, the extra petting as well as the extra attention, which for most dogs is always an enjoyable experience.