Angels & Fairies Plus Size


Angels & Fairies Plus Size Costumes

Whether you choose to dress with the sweet and innocent seductive powers of an Angel costume, or the more mischievous yet demure look of a woodland fairy, or even something far more dark and gothic--your depiction of a winged creature can take flight with one of our fabulous costumes made to enhance your curves and bring out your femininity.

Angels and Fairies Plus Size Halloween Costumes! Throughout history Angels have been thought of as the intermediaries between God and man. Angels have been known to run errands for God as well as to be his messenger. At other times Angels have been sent to be a guardian, or to watch over man at times when he might otherwise be screwing things up. The idea of Angels wearing wings and halos is actually based largely on mythology as well as art throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Angels, because of their close association with a deity figure will always represent innocence and purity, thus their usual depiction wearing white, the color of virtue. Fairies on the other hand are mythological beings who although like angels have historically been depicted with wings, that is about where their similarity ends. Fairies are typically small pixie like creatures that live in hidden woodlands. These fairies have mystical and magical powers and some have been prone to acts of mischief.