Fairytale Plus Size

Plus Size Fairytale & Storybook Costumes

Your storybook or fairy tale characters can come to life with our fabulous collection of the most notorious fairy tale characters. Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and even The Wicked Queen are all here for your Halloween costume choosing. For you men who want to reenact a storybook hero, we have costumes representing the likes of The King of Hearts and Prince Charming. Make sure your Halloween costume adventure tells a story that will surely have a happy ending with one of these fabulous fairy tale costumes!

Plus Size Fairytale & Storybook Halloween Costumes! From the time we were small children, we all became familiar with the heroes and heroines of fairytales and storybooks. These infamous children’s stories, although all very different had some commonalities amongst them. In each story there was often a beautiful heroine with a very difficult problem or situation that needed resolution. Not only was she expected to get her way out of it (or to be rescued by someone completely hot and sexy) but also, she managed to always do so while looking absolutely beautiful at the same time.