Humorous Plus Size

Humorous Plus Size Costumes

Bring out your inner goofball with hilarious renditions of Popeye, a Beer Fest Girl or even a truly hilarious baby costume with a bonnet and bib. Your friends as well as the local trick or treaters will appreciate your sense of humor and you will have a fun filled Halloween loaded with laughter and silliness. Halloween doesn't always have to be scary--bring out your best sense of humor with one of these great funny costumes!

Humorous Plus Size Halloween Costumes! Traditional Halloween costumes have often been dark and somewhat frightening. This is largely based on the fact that in ancient days on "All Hallows Eve" people thought that the spirits of the deceased were allowed to roam the earth freely. It was customary to dress up in a scary costume in an attempt to trick the evil spirits into thinking that you were one of them--in other words, if you were thought to be already dead, they wouldn't try to cause you any harm. In today's day in age, Halloween costumes run the gamut when it comes to style choices. Yes, many will still choose to wear something scary and morbid on Halloween, but many others would much rather wear something more lighthearted, silly or humorous instead. Anything goes when it comes to costume choices and if you are more into the funny looks there are always plenty to choose from.