Occupations Plus Size

Plus Size Career and Occupation Costumes

We have many occupational costumes to help you fulfill your Halloween dreams. Doctors, nurses, police, astronauts, and soldiers are some of the careers you can explore for a night. Many of our choices are sexier, funnier or a little more twisted than their daytime counterparts--but this is all part of the Halloween fun. Explore some of your 'other' career options this Halloween with this great selection of plus sized occupation costumes!

Plus Size Career and Occupation Halloween Costumes! As children, we often fantasized and sometimes even dressed up as various occupational figures. We dreamed about what we would want to be when we grew up and thought about the possibilities. Some of us wanted to be brave and heroic, like a firefighter or a policeman. Others of us wanted adventure like an astronaut. Still others just wanted to be on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans like a pop or rock star. For a lucky few, childhood dreams became reality and those people are living out their dreams everyday. Others of us perhaps went in other directions but it's still fun to bring those fantasies back to life when we get a chance to do so. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up as one of those characters!