Pirate Plus Size

Plus Size Pirate Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween as a pirate is a popular choice with many novel costume styles to choose from as well as many exciting accessories to boot. We have numerous different pirate styles to choose from. For men we have everything from the very traditional Caribbean pirate looks to Jack Sparrow or those of the classic buccaneer. We also have some more frightening versions such as the Zombie Pirate. For you ladies, we have Angelica's look from the Pirates of the Caribbean as well as a Pirate Wench, a traditional musketeer or even a classic buccaneer look. Whatever pirate look you want to recreate, our large selection of plus size pirate costumes is going to give you plenty of options to choose from. Sail your Jolly Roger high in the Halloween Seas with one of these amazing Pirate costumes!

Plus Size Pirate Halloween Costumes! Pirates have been around for thousands of years but when you think of the stereotypical pirate you probably are thinking of one that was from what was known as the "Golden Age of Pirates." Pirates, although somewhat glorified in recent days by television and the movies, are by definition "sea thieves." Interestingly enough, however the Pirate's role served a useful purpose back in the days when the United States was in it's infancy as many times the Pirate's services were enlisted out on the seas to fight off, rob and disable enemy ships. The reward for the pirate was obvious as they could keep what they plundered. The reward for our military was obvious; it was impossible for them to fight off all the enemy ships that were out on the high seas and the help of these pirates was invaluable to them. The pirate's reputation has been somewhat unsavory at times. He is often portrayed as a swashbuckling sea rogue that is both bloodthirsty and evil. There is no doubt that some of this reputation was probably earned by many of these cunning seafarers. Many truly horrific deeds were undoubtedly performed in the name of piracy. Many legends and stereotypes surrounding pirates are out there--some of them are based on fact, others may be highly fictionalized or enflamed by the media. In any case there are certain symbols, dress styles and accessories that will always be associated with these villains of the high seas.