Sailor Plus Size

Plus Size Sailor Costumes

Ladies, you are going to be sexy, adorable as well as patriotic in one of these great nautical looks. For you macho guys, our whimsical as well as hilarious take on one of the most classic sailors of all time, Popeye is a great way to get your Halloween adventure off on strong footing. Sail the seven seas (or just look like you could) in one of our fabulous sailor looks!

Plus Size Sailor Halloween Costumes! Ships Ahoy! There is something undeniably crisp and patriotic about a men's naval uniform and there is absolutely no doubt the impact these sailor uniforms have had on women's fashions throughout history. Nautical looks have been intensely popular throughout the 20th and the 21st centuries. In 1917, a well-known naval recruiting poster featured a beautiful young woman wearing a man's sailor uniform. The caption on the poster read, "Gee, I wish I were a man, I'd join the navy!" The small print then read, "Be a man and do it-United States Recruiting Station." This wouldn't be the last time female sexuality was used to influence male behavior. Women's sailor costumes are adapted from the style of the naval uniforms of enlisted seamen. Very recognizable by their large collars, there is no denying the patriotic nature of these looks, particularly through their use of the colors of America--red, white and blue. This traditional patriotic color scheme, or that of just navy blue and white is a crisp and classically fashionable nautical look that women enjoy season after season. At Halloween, or any other holiday where a patriotic costume might be appropriate, a sailor look is sexy, feminine and will also pay homage to our country with its fashion roots in a traditional armed service uniform.