Vampires Plus Size

Plus Size Vampire Costumes

Dressing up as a vampire for Halloween is a classic costume idea that is not only rich in tradition but has many modern influences to have fun with as well. Recreate your own version of one of these 'undead' characters for a fang-dango great time this Halloween!

Plus Size Vampire Halloween Costumes! Dressing up as one of the more traditional characters associated with Halloween is a definite trip to the darker side of the pumpkin patch. Vampires have a history rich in folklore and have also been made immensely popular in today's media, both in television and in today's movies. In ancient days, it was often hypothesized by extremely superstitious people that some plagues and sudden deaths or illnesses were not as they seemed. Rumors in addition to some pretty crazy hysteria of the times perpetuated the thought process that these incidences and random deaths were actually caused by the recently deceased, who seemingly weren't really dead after all. These "undead" souls would supposedly sneak out of their coffins in the night in order to feast on the blood of humans and animals. These 'vampires' did this 'blood feasting' as a way sustaining their own lives, and thus the legend of the vampire was born.