Witches & Devils Plus Size

Witches & Devils Plus Size Costumes

Whether you choose a witch or a devil costume, we have a large selection of choices in extended sizing to find a look that flatters as well as fits. Sexy, sultry, and devilishly bewitching!

Witches and Devils Plus Size Halloween Costumes! If you think of a witch in the traditional sense, as she has been known for hundreds of years, you are probably conjuring up an image of someone old and ugly with a large nose--perhaps even a really green face. She undoubtedly is dressed in all black with a large conical hat and spindly fingers. She stirs a brew of some sort that is bubbling in a nearby cauldron as her usual sidekick, the black cat saunters by. When she speaks it's to utter a cackling spell! Witches are a fun, traditional character that is perfect for dress up at Halloween. Real witches in ancient days were unlikely anything like our modern day portrayal of them, which has been morphed by both vicious rumor and the media. Real witches of yesteryear were likely healers who were quite versed in the use of herbs and other natural remedies to aid the sick and afflicted. Ancient 'witches' sometimes even knew how to use hypnosis to ease the pain experienced during childbirth. People were taught by religious clergymen to fear the powers of witches and were also told misleading untruths regarding them and their healing abilities. Witches were called devil worshipers and sorcerers and many of them were so feared that they were eventually killed for their supposed acts of witchcraft. Devils and demons have always been feared, as they have been associated with all things against God, or deity. Ancient mythology probably has influenced our current 'Hollywood' image of the bad guy himself--the red, fire-breathing horned and tailed being that lurks in the deepest darkest caverns of hell. Dressing as a little devil for Halloween is a traditional take on a costume straight from the dark side. Bring out your inner naughtiness with one of these sassy costumes.