Kids Renaissance

Kids Renaissance Costumes

If your child is looking for the perfect medieval or Renaissance look, our selection will give you plenty to choose from while helping you to recreate a character that looks as if it came straight out of ancient history. Gallant knights in shining armor, Renaissance Queens as well as Princesses--not to mention a few gypsies and warlocks, are all here to bring the Renaissance period right into your modern day event. We also have some very awesome replica accessories that will enhance your medieval look perfectly, such as swords and shields. Recreating a historical look is easy with so many great kids Renaissance looks to choose from!

Kids Renaissance Halloween Costumes! The Renaissance period brought with it many changes to fashion. As in any society, the level of affluence of the individual almost always dictated the type clothing that was worn. Wealth or social stature would mean the level of opulence in the clothing worn would rise. Richly colored fabrics and higher quality materials were also favored by the wealthy during this time period as well. During the Renaissance period, excessiveness in fashion was the name of the game. Padding in the sleeves, large poufs near the head, shoulders or thighs, and even the abundant use of feathers was popular. Women favored voluminous amounts of fabrics in flowing gowns. Men sported hose and jackets, sometimes topped off with a surcoat. During this medieval time period, Knights--those select warriors who were sworn to a higher code of chivalry and loyalty--had a few distinct fashions of their own. Suits of armor were common as a form of protection during battles, as fighting during this time was still primarily done with swords and knives. Knights wore various types of distinctive headwear or helmets in addition to various forms of chainmail in order to prevent battle injuries as much as possible.