Mens Renaissance

Men's Renaissance Costumes

Recreating history by wearing a costume is a great way to make history really come alive. Get into the full spirit of the Renaissance or medieval period with many costumes available so you can dress up as knights, noblemen, kings, jesters, monks and many other fabulous historical characters. With great costumes and accessories you can easily create the perfect men's Renaissance look!

Mens Renaissance Halloween Costumes! From the 14th to the 17th centuries, a time period in history known as the Renaissance was occurring. During this fascinating historical period, great cultural and social advances were coming to pass in society. The growth of literature, art, science and politics was happening rapidly. Fashions worn during this time in history were adapting accordingly as well. Excessiveness in all areas of clothing seemed to be the order of the day, as the human shape was embellished with various forms of voluminous fabrics, padding and poufs. Men's fashion during the Renaissance period favored the use of hose with jackets over the top. Feathers were used on hats and ornamentally on other articles of clothing. People of affluence or stature most particularly favored the use of heavy, ornate as well as rich materials. Knights, a special warrior sworn to uphold a higher law of chivalry and loyalty, had distinctive fashions of their own. Protective armor was necessary in order to shield their bodies from wounds during battle. Helmets, chainmail, shields--in addition to appropriate swords and knives--were standard gear for the medieval knight.