Womens Renaissance

Women's Renaissance Costumes

Creating a Renaissance look is a great way to capture one of the most historically significant and rapidly progressive time periods in history. Our selection of women's Renaissance costumes includes fabulous looks for maidens, princesses, queens, gypsies, female knights (hey, why not?) and sorceresses. Make your trip back into the Renaissance period extra fabulous, not to mention a bit more realistic with one of these amazing costume looks!

Womens Renaissance Halloween Costumes! The Renaissance period was a historical era of great advancements and progress in the areas of art, literature, science and of course, fashion. Between the 14th and 17th centuries, society was progressing rapidly and this was a time of great elevation in many arenas for mankind, thus the reference to the period as the 'Renaissance'--a term which literally translates to mean a revival of arts as well as learning. During the Renaissance period, man was transitioning from a medieval world into a far more modern world and lifestyle. Fashions of this time period took on a life of their own which reflected much about the time period. Particularly people of wealth, affluence or significant social stature, now indulged in great opulence in their fashion that had not been formerly seen. Fashions became extreme, with excessiveness noted in virtually all areas. Padding of sleeves, doublets and stockings were common, and this effect created a somewhat distorted image of the human form. Poufs worn around the collar, at the shoulders and even at the thighs were another noted fashion element popularized during this time period. Women preferred long, flowing gowns with voluminous skirts and large sleeves. Hats were often worn, sometimes they were heart shaped headdresses or other times the hat was tall and steeple shaped.