Safety Guide to Halloween and Costumes

A Safety Guide to Halloween and Costumes for Kids and Parents

As a kid you look forward to special days throughout the year. They include your birthday, end of the school year, and especially Halloween. Halloween is the one day of the year where you get dressed up in a costume and go door to door and receive treats. The treats that you get range from healthy snacks such as apples or other types of fruit to chocolate candy. A good day at Halloween can provide you with weeks worth of fun snacks to eat!

However, Halloween can also be a potentially dangerous time for kids. While commercial costumes that kids use for Halloween are designed with safety in mind, sometimes they can limit visibility of children. This reduction in sight lines can prevent kids from seeing cars, sidewalks and other possible dangers in the street. Therefore, it is important for kids and parents to select a costume that allows the children to see, as well as be seen.

In addition, while the vast majority of the treats that kids receive at Halloween are safe to eat, it is very important that parents review what kids bring home from their night of trick-or-treating before kids start to eat the candy. Parents need to make sure that the candy that their kids have collected has not been tampered with. So, parents should review all candy to make sure it remains sealed, and that kids do not have any problems.

To help parents and kids learn more about the history and traditions of Halloween, and how they can be safe while enjoying this fun holiday, please feel free to review the following information and resources. And...Happy (and safe) Halloween!

Brief History of Halloween

Halloween Traditions

Costume Safety

  • Safety Tips - Useful article from the National Fire Protection Association which advises kids on how to be safe.

Night Time Safety

  • Safety Tips - Useful page from Safe Kids Worldwide that provides advice on keeping kids safe while dark.
  • Driving Safety Tips - Helpful page for drivers on what to watch for while driving at night during Halloween.

Tips for Kids

  • Kids Health - This page offers guidance for kids on being safe and having fun.
  • Mayo Clinic Tips - Helpful advice from the Mayo Clinic on how to keep kids safe during this day.
  • Kids Safety Tips - Web page that gives kids tips on being safe while trick-or-treating.

Tips for Parents

  • Tips for Families - This helpful page gives useful tips for families about Halloween safety.
  • Food Safety Tips - The FDA has written this page for parents on food safety during this day.
  • Halloween Safety - The National Safety Council has provided this resourceful page for parents.
  • Police Safety Advice - The San Jose Police Department has written this useful page with helpful safety tips.