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Santa's Workshop Digital Decor

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Santa's Workshop Digital Decor

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Santa's Workshop Digital Decor
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This item: Santa's Workshop Digital Decor

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Model #:RV198

Santa's Workshop Digital Decor

A fun and amazing, over-the-top series of holiday visual effects, designed on a very large scale, for large windows, walls or garage doors projection.

Live Actor based Santa, Mrs Claus and the Elves work inside a large Workshop room, and huge work room, with many elves making toys, wrapping gifts at tables, walking inside the room, and interacting with Santa. Presents are transported inside clear plastic pipes, and are seen floating through the air into stacks of presents. Truly amazing Holiday Projection at its best. 25 Scenes come in this FX pack, with Santa and Mrs Claus going over letters from Children, waving with elves, and includes a number of magic scenes and comical scenes with Elves and floating presents. Truly a Supreme Santa's Workshop video.

Hang a white screen in a window and using a projector you can project video onto your screen for a very realistic illusion. You can also show these on your television!


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