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2021's most popular sexy costumes for Halloween and other occasions are here at Halloween Express! Search our large inventory of sexy Halloween costumes including the unusual and hard to find styles and sizes no one else has. If a sexy Halloween costume that flatters your figure is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

2021's Best Sexy Halloween Costumes are Here!

Over the years, more and more adults are joining in the celebration of the Halloween holiday by dressing in costume. In fact, women adult costumes have been selling like never before and the trend isn’t the traditional look of spooky or humorous, but all out sexy! “S” doesn’t stand for scary when it comes to women’s Halloween costumes; it stands for “Sexy”! Halloween is the one night of the year when many women can step out of their comfort zone and not be alone in doing so. Sexy costumes can be sweet and innocent or erotic and risqué. There are some spicy, come-hither costumes that are guaranteed to turn heads. However, don’t be fooled, Halloween isn’t the only time of year that women put on flirtatious and provocative costumes!

Enchanting costumes are a rich part of our history that came to life with the Masquerade Balls of the 16th Century Renaissance. Masquerade balls were elaborate costumed dances held for members of the upper classes. The wearing of an embellished mask or costume to disguise ones identity set the stage of seduction and intrigue. Some costumes were very simple, while others were elegant and ornate.

The popularity of the costumed masquerade festivities grew beyond the balls and into other genres such as weddings, birthdays and holidays. The masks served both as a fashion expression and as a means of escaping their day to day lives. The balls often had different themes and involved games or activities such as dressing up to be completely unidentifiable. Because no one could tell who you were behind the mask, you could gossip, flirt and engage in conversation with those below your social station. Women today still revel in the sensuality and intrigue a masked costume can give. Whether for the Halloween holiday or a more personal intimate setting, a sexy costume can bring the perfect fantasy to life. This year, shrug off your inhibitions and take a walk on the sexy side!

If you’re looking for that special sexy costume, you’ve come to the right place. We have one of the largest selections of sexy costumes you’ll find anywhere, including Leg Avenue, Dream Girl and Playboy. Whether it’s Halloween, a special occasion or just an intimate night at home, when it comes to sexy costumes and accessories look no further. Let your imagination run wild and your fantasies come true with a sexy costume!

Of course, if sexy isn't what you're looking for, you'll find literally thousands of options for adult costumes, kids costumes, plus size costumes and even an entire section dedicated to family friendly costumes. Halloween Express has everything you need!