Cats & Kitties

Sexy Cat & Kitty Costumes

With cat-like characteristics in mind, it's easy to see how a cat or kitty costume could be a very sexy choice to wear out on a nocturnal Halloween prowl. It's very natural kitty behavior to hook your claws into something and not let go. Capture your male prey yourself by donning a suggestive cat suit or kitty costume and then slink your way into the room. By then it should be easy to meow, purr and pet your way right into his heart.

Sexy Cat and Kitty Halloween Costumes! For thousands of years, cats have been kept as domestic pets because of their cuddly nature as well as their ability to rid the house of common pests like mice. Cats are the most common of all household pets and this is largely because of their love of play. Actually, what we think of as cats playing is really a mild form of stalking, killing and capturing prey. This is precisely why many cat toys are made in the form of small animals or other things that a cat may view as potentially something to eat.