Convicts & Gangsters

Sexy Convict & Gangster Costumes

Dressing up as a sexy Mobster, Gangster or Convict for Halloween can be the ultimate bad-girl fantasy. You are going to be found absolutely guilty of driving your man wild with your version of a rebellious yet flirtatious hoodlum. Shun all authority and enjoy one night living an imaginary life of crime.

Sexy Convict and Gangster Halloween Costumes! What could be more dangerous than a life of crime? Most of us are unwilling to find out-but still, there is something risky and alluring about those that like to live on the edge. Infamous Gangsters and Mobsters are unafraid to fly in the face of what's legal and definitely aren't afraid to put themselves in a place well above the law. Anyone can admit that sometimes the darkest of human emotions are embodied in these criminals.