Sexy Fairy Costumes

A very sexy fairy costume will recreate a teasing as well as magical character that will step right out of a storybook and into your real life. Whether your fairy rendition is dark and seductive or sweet and dreamy, your fairy is bound to hauntingly fly out of fairyland right into your guy's heart. Don't forget the Pixie Dust!

Sexy Fairy Halloween Costumes! According to author J. M. Barrie, in reference to the children's book character Peter Pan, fairies came into existence when the first baby laughed for the very first time. There is a great deal of folklore surrounding the origins of these pixie-like beings, but the most universally popular version of a fairy is a very small in stature, winged creature with definitive magical powers. Most of the fairies written about in modern literature use their magic for good purposes but fairies are also a bit notorious for having a mischievous and playful streak.