Sexy Flapper Costumes

One of the hottest and sexiest historical looks to recreate through a costume is the Flapper. Creating the look of a Flapper is easy with one of our amazing Flapper costumes. These styles are sexy, flirtatious and fun, coming with a side order of brash bravado that lives on in spirit as a gift from the forward thinking sisters of yesteryear.

Sexy Flapper Halloween Costumes! One of the most innovative and interesting characters to come out of history is the Flapper. Considered to be daring, bold and even pretty rebellious, back in her day, the Flapper was way ahead of her time. The roaring 1920's was a time of utter flamboyance and living large was the order of the day. The styles of clothing definitely were a reflection of what was happening amongst the effervescent youth that were coming of age during this era. Skirt lengths went up and lots of makeup went on as young people went to hang out at clandestine speakeasies where they would listen to jazz music, smoke and drink illegal alcohol. The term "Flapper" became a nickname for one of these new-fangled girls who lived life with reckless abandon and refused to conform to the stodgy old ways of the generations that had come before. What used to be the normal way of doing things was now just the rules to be broken by the Flapper--and she had all too much fun doing it.