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Sexy French Maid Halloween Costumes

Bring your fantasy to life as a sexy French Maid for Halloween! Our collection of sexy and seductive French Maid costumes are sure to delight. From naughty housewife costumes to sexy French Maid costumes there's a sexy and seductive costume here to bring out the inner French Maid vixen in everyone.

Sexy French Maid Costumes and Sexy French Maid Halloween Costumes! It used to be that a traditional maid wore a very conservative servant's uniform while she worked. These uniforms, worn by maids back in the 19th century were usually black and white but they were considered anything but sexy. During this time it was popular amongst the wealthy to have maids that were French. If a French maid wasn't available sometimes an English girl that spoke a little French was given a French name and she would become the "Lady Maid" that was fashionable amongst the well to do of that time period. Aside from the importance of being French, it was also mandatory that the personal maid be very attractive and becoming to look at. Because of this fact and the maid's close association with the mistress' boudoir, undergarments as well as personal items, over time, a sexual association evolved with these maids. Burlesque and other theatrical shows eventually began to portray the French Maid character in a much looser fashion that she ever had been portrayed before. This sexy housemaid's character now has morphed into what she is considered to be by today's standards-a very sexy, seductive, as well as scantily clad little trollop - who's probably much better at pleasing men than she ever was at cleaning house. Bring your man's ultimate fantasy to life and role-play a French Maid for Halloween!