Gothic & Vampires

Sexy Gothic & Vampire Costumes

Gothic Vampires found in modern literature are known to survive on the blood of the living which enables them to remain for eternity as one of the "undead." Because of this macabre method of survival, as well as numerous Vampire themed movies and television shows, the Vampire costume has become more popular than ever for Halloween.

Sexy Gothic and Vampire Halloween Costumes! The Gothic look has becoming intensely popular for Halloween dress up because of its close association with darkness, rebellion and perhaps even death. Have you ever wondered where the Gothic style of fashion came from? Actually, there are many sources, most of them much more modern than you might think. The original Goths were a German tribe that existed back before the time of the Renaissance period. Because of the Goths invasion and eventual breakdown of the Roman Empire during the middle ages all art from this time period eventually became known as Gothic, which literally means "barbaric." Today's Gothic look likely began as an 80's Rock n' roll subculture that may have been a direct rebellion against the flashy music and fashions commonly found in the 1970's disco era. Gothic fashion is marked by dark hair, pale skin, dark eyeliner, dark lipstick and often the use of bold religious jewelry. It is thought that these fashion trends perhaps had their deepest roots in the Victorian fashion donned at times of mourning, thus Gothic fashion's association with death and darkness.