Sexy International Costumes

International dress is a fun and sexy way to celebrate Halloween. Flamenco dresses, Scottish plaids and Germanic peasant dresses are all International costume options that can have a very sexy, captivating and alluring appeal. Whether your international choice is exotic or more flirty and fun, this costume choice will have vast global charm.

We have Sexy International Halloween Costumes! Every nation in the world has it's own ideal of what is beautiful, revered and attractive. In Japan, the Geisha has been the long time symbol of female allure and seduction. History also has presented us with many varying types of acclaimed female beauties. Cleopatra is well known for her great beauty and her infamous conquests of great and powerful men. Painted ladies from the days of the Wild West were often found seducing men in places such as saloons and drinking establishments. Although these women were not necessarily considered proper, their vast appeal to the men of the day is undeniable.