Sexy Pirate Costumes

Wearing a sexy, as well as alluring Pirate costume is going to be a vast departure from what the old Seadogs of yesteryear wore. Fly your Jolly Roger high and sail the Halloween seas in a titillating version of captivating Buccaneer attire. Blimey girl, that's really hot!

Sexy Pirate Halloween Costumes! Ever since man learned to build a boat and began to sail the ocean blue, there have been various bad guys out sailing the sea as well, pillaging, plundering and blowing the man down. These scallywags are well known as Pirates. Pirates are notorious for being rum-imbibed robbers, treasure-hunters and somewhat filthy scoundrels, living out their wildest adventures while making people miserable. They also like to steal people's stuff. Pirate's somewhat bilge-sucking reputation got a bit of a makeover by the playful antics shown on the Pirates of the Caribbean amusement park attraction made famous by Disney. The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise was based on this infamous Disney ride and now Pirate dress-up as well as pretend piracy has become as popular as pieces of eight. Being a Pirate is downright fashionable these days.

If you need help on how to create a sexy Pirate look, check out our HOW TO video on how to create your own swashbuckling female pirate look.