Sexy Sailor Costumes

Women's sailor costumes are adapted from the uniforms of enlisted seamen and are still very popular choices for Halloween dress up. The look is whimsical, patriotic and yet still very sexy. A suggestive yet very feminine version of the man's Naval uniform is definitely going to rock any man's boat. Ships Ahoy!

Back in 1917 there was a Navy Recruiting poster that featured a very attractive young woman wearing a man's naval uniform, the enlisted man's basic dress blues. The caption read "Gee!! I wish I were a man, I'd join the Navy!" The small print on the poster read, "Be a man and do it-United States Recruiting Station." Even back in those days, women's sexuality was being used to influence male behavior. The appeal to women of a man in a Naval uniform was undeniable. This obvious appeal was even used as a selling point to increase recruits. The nautical theme in women's modern dressing is an obvious off shoot with its roots in these uniforms. The traditional navy blue and white patriotic color scheme remains a very crisp and reoccurring look for women, season after season.