School Girl

Sexy School Girl Costumes - High School & College

Recreating the look of a school girl is going to take a man back to the days of his first boyhood crush and rekindle the stirrings he had in him that he had no idea what to do with in the first place. He'll know exactly what to do with his schoolboy crush now, however and your sexy Schoolgirl costume will be his ultimate inspiration.

We have Sexy School Girl Halloween Costumes! Remember that annoying boy back in school? The one that sat behind you in class and pulled on your hair and threw wadded up papers at you? (Perhaps even spit wads...) He basically just tried to make your life completely miserable! As ironic as it seems, in his own pre-pubescent way he probably just had a serious crush on you. Ill equipped to do anything about it, he just tried to get your attention in any way that he possibly could. Obviously, most of his irritating shenanigans probably backfired but there isn't a man alive that doesn't remember a girl from those good ol' school days that made him behave badly in the name of a serious crush.