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Sexy TV & Movie Costumes

They are strong. They are sexy. They are passionate. They are quirky. They are memorable. The characters of today's TV programs and movies cover a wide range of personalities and time periods in history, but all have one important thing in common. These characters are very recognizable for the qualities that make them unique. Dressing up as one of them is bound to make your Halloween unforgettable.

Sexy TV & Movie Halloween Costumes! There is a wide range of characters you can choose from TV programs and the movies to dress as for Halloween. You can go back to another time in history and become an elegant and enchanting Scarlett O' Hara. If you feel more like an outer space adventure, perhaps a really sexy version of Princess Leia or a hot chick from the spaceship Enterprise is more in order. Classic superheroes are also a very sexy costume choice. A girl version of The Green Lantern or Captain America can be amped up with your womanly powers to make it really leave an impression. Of course, there is always the traditional, purring and very sexy Cat Woman - she will slink her way right into your man's heart. No matter what TV or movie character is your favorite you are going to find easy ways to really get into it and make it special and memorable for Halloween fun.