Western Theme

Sexy Western Costumes

The Wild West time period is very rich in history and recreating the characters that went with this era is a great choice for Halloween fun. Cowboy up--you're going to be as hot as a whorehouse on nickel night!

Sexy Western Halloween Costumes! The days of the Wild West were a time of great excitement as well as discovery. Settlers were moving westward at the promise of land and still others moved west in the pursuit of silver and gold. Because of so much great history surrounding the settling of the West, many legends and characters have come out of this time period. Cowboys and Cowgirls are some of the most obvious western characters as well as the Indians that were often the cowboys' most feared foe. Western saloons attracted a variety of colorful characters from this time period. Cowboys, miners, frontiersmen and other weary travelers would go to this type of drinking establishment to drink, play poker and be entertained by the dancing girls that were often there to amuse and beguile the patrons. An additional type of character found in the Wild West was that of the vicious Outlaw and also the Lawmen that were also around at that time to fight against their evil deeds. Outlaws were loading up their six shooters, robbing banks and stagecoaches as well as trains. At this time in history the country was very young and it wasn't uncommon for people to take the law into their own hands in order to get things settled. Gunslingers became notable characters at this time for their ability to expertly handle a gun.