Sexy Witch Costumes

We've come a long way since the archaic days of yesteryear and nowadays witches aren't really feared as they used to be - unless of course you are Dorothy from Kansas, but that's another story altogether. Dressing up in a sexy witch costume can be not only a dark and beguiling choice, but an intoxicatingly sexy one as well, no stockades or dungeons need be involved. Fear no evil and show off your inner witch. You are bound to cast your own sexy spell on Halloween. No broom license is required!

Sexy Witch Halloween Costumes! Back as early as the 14th century, witches, as well as any real or imagined association with witchcraft, was extremely feared by most people. This fear was because of witchcraft's perceived affiliation with the devil and supposed devil worship. Supernatural or paranormal powers were often misunderstood by the population at large and were so feared that even innocent people were falsely accused of being a witch or practicing witchcraft. Doing something unusual or vaguely out of the norm or even having some random misfortune could cause a person to be accused of practicing witchcraft. Severe punishments, including burning at the stake often ensued to eradicate the supposed evilness before it could further infiltrate society.