Shop By Color - Blue

Shop By Color: BLUE

If you are looking for all those crazy costumes and accessories that you only see once in a blue moon, you’ve come to the right place.  From head to toe, we can make you feel a little “blue” in a hurry.  Do you really want to emphasize your sapphire status from head to toe?  Why not begin with an all-blue skin suit?  Other ways to start feeling blue might include, wigs, beads, tutus, gloves, masks, eyelashes, and capes!   For a unique costume look that is truly out of the blue--you need to look no further!  Our fabulous collection of true blue costumes and accessories are going to make you feel as happy as a good ole’ Blue Plate special.

Blue.  It’s the color of the sky.  It’s also the color of the sea.  It might even be the color that represents your beloved Alma Mater.   Long known to represent loyalty, trust, wisdom and confidence, the color blue is a popular favorite of many and has been used for centuries to represent power and integrity.  Historically, blue has long been closely associated with males and masculinity.   Additionally, studies have proven that the color blue has the power to promote a more peaceful and calming feeling in the human body.