Shop By Color - Purple

Shop By Color: PURPLE

Here in our amazingly purple costume and accessory collection you are going to find just about anything and everything you can think of, all in the color purple.  Hats, tutus, wigs, skin suits, makeup, beads, bowties, and masks--these are just a few of the amazing items you will find in our collection of pretty cool purple stuff.  Whether it’s amethyst, lilac or lavender--you just have to check out our collection of all things purple.  It’s plum awesome! 

As you know, the color purple can be pretty deep.   The color Purple has a rich legacy and has long been associated with royalty, power, and nobility.  In these parts, we also like it a lot for it’s most awesome way of perfectly accentuating the best costume looks out there. From Mardi Gras to Halloween, you are going to find plenty of vibrant and colorful uses for the color purple.  If you have a heart for purple, we’ve put together just about anything you can think of in this vibrant shade.  I guess you could say, for all things purple, you’ve landed in the right spot.