Shop By Color - Rainbow

Shop By Color: RAINBOW

Now what will you find in our collection of rainbow costumes and accessories?   Our rainbow collection includes socks, tangas, suspenders, glasses, bow ties and even wigs--and that is just for starters.  When it comes to chasing rainbows, we’ve got plenty here to choose from in our vibrant collection of rainbow colored costume accessories. 

Somewhere over the rainbow…there is a costume involved!  And when it comes to selecting the costume that reflects the most colorful parts of your personality, you may be looking for costume accessories with color--lots and lots of color.  In fact, there are occasions when nothing but every color of the rainbow will do!  We understand this dilemma and have put together a bona fide collection of prism worthy items that are sure to fill the bill when a rainbow is what you desire.  Why wear one shade when you wear the entire myriad of hues?  Exactly.