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Top 10 Sexy Costumes

You have a lot of choices when it comes to sexy costumes. Fortunately, we put together our list of the top 10 Sexy Costumes for 2016. There is something for everyone on this list. Stop your search and take a look at our choice for the top 10 Sexy Costumes for Halloween 2016.


Top 10 Sexy Costumes

These popular Sexy Costumes are sure to grab attention!

Queen of the Nile Costume Queen of the Nile Costume Mesmerize your prey! This costume includes a gold shimmer catsuit, striped cut out dress with jewel collar and matching draped head piece.
Ninja Stealth Costume Ninja Stealth Costume This sexy woman of mystery will be ready to strike! This costume includes a hooded cold –shoulder catsuit with gold dragon accents and wrap around ties, waist sash and face mask.
Foxtrot Flapper Costume Foxtrot Flapper Costume A dolled up Gatsby girl! This costume includes a black fringe-trimmed sequin dress with zigzag hem and matching sequin headband.
Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume The most famous super-heroine of all time! This costume includes a red top with gold accents, blue skirt with attached shorts, tiara, armband, glovelets and boot tops.
Bat Costume Bat Costume Soar the skies! This costume includes a wet look black dress with finger looped extendable lace wing sleeves, neck piece and match bat ear headband.
Harlequin Blaster Costume Harlequin Blaster Costume

Who knew this sexy clown could turn the city upside down! This costume includes a sleek red and black metallic jumpsuit with a zipper front bodice, fingerless gloves, choker and knife.

Cat Burglar Costume Cat Burglar Costume

Don’t let this sexy kitty rob you blind! This costume includes a low cut dress with belt, rope, money bag, tail, mask and a beanie with cat ears.

Deadly Warrior Costume Deadly Warrior Costume

Winning the battle will not take long! This costume includes a gold metallic trimmed warrior dress with embroidered crest, should pads, attached hood and wrist gauntlets.

Police Costume Police Costume

Time to lay down the law! This costume includes a two-toned dress with attached tie detail, Police patch screen print, badge pin and a police hat.

Mermaid Costume Mermaid Costume

No one can resist an underwater adventure! This costume includes a sequin bustier black mermaid dress with net accents, attached lame skirt with shimmer foam fin and a matching glitter jewel crown.