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300 The Movie Halloween Costumes

The year is 480 BC and the scene is set like this. The Persian Army, let by King Xerxes is trying to take over Greek territory. In a last ditch effort to hold their ground King Leonidas, and 300 Spartan soldiers try to fight off the Persian army. The Persians have well over 100,000 members in their forces, and with meager numbers to fight back, the Spartans know this battle is just an effort to buy time while they build up their forces. In an act of utter bravery in what was essentially a suicide mission, the Spartans knew their fate was sealed. The brave Spartan warriors were determined to take out as many members of the Persian Army as they could in the process of battle and hold on as long as they possibly could. This epic last stand ended in betrayal as a shepherd ultimately defected to the Persian side and then informed King Xerxes of another route the Persians could take through Thermopylae, which led to the defeat of the Spartan army. Even though the Spartans ultimately all perished, they fought with such bravery and ferocity that the Persian Army lost many of its own members, largely out of fear from what had transpired.

Recreating the honorable battle of Thermopylae as a brave Spartan soldier or even as the Persian enemy is a great idea for Halloween dress up. In full battle gear you can dress to courageously fight or just use this as an opportunity to bring out your own inner warrior.

The “300” costume selection has all the key players represented for your re-creation of the events in Thermopylae. On Halloween you can assume the identity of the brave King Leonidas or any of the fearless 300 Spartan soldiers. A sexy female role from “300” is that of King Leonidas’ sultry wife, Queen Gorgo. If you are looking for a more evil protagonist role, then King Xerxes may be the part you wish to portray. There is also a wide assortment of unique weaponry to accessorize your battle gear as well.

Reliving an event right out of ancient history is a fiercely epic way to spend your Halloween. Don your battle regalia and shout your battle cry as you head out to join your local costume party!