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In 2010, Tim Burton put his own stamp on the children’s classic “Alice In Wonderland.” As only Tim Burton can do, this classic adventure fantasy was re-told with vibrant characters brought to life through brilliant casting, beautiful costumes and really cool special effects.

Sweet Alice, who is betrothed to an oafish noblemen wanders off at her own engagement party. While Alice contemplates her ability to go through with the marriage, a white rabbit dressed up in a waistcoat catches her eye and Alice decides to follow after it. While running after the rabbit, Alice inadvertently falls into a hole in the trunk of tree where her adventure in “Underland” now begins. Before long Alice recognizes everything around her as the scene from numerous nightmares she had experienced as a child. Alice then realizes that she has a purpose there in “Underland” and that purpose is to put an end to the reign of the Evil Red Queen.

From the demure Alice, to the quirky Tim Burton adaptation of the Mad Hatter, your Alice in Wonderland reenactment will be complete with our wide selection of character choices and styles from the movie. Before you can say “Off with her Head!” you will have your next Alice In Wonderland costume selected--without a single trip down a rabbit hole.