American Horror Story

American Horror Story Costumes

Looking for a solid TV binge-watch that might keep you up hearing things that go bump in the night? American Horror Story anthologies have become the harrowing tales from which legends come. The good news is that creating a costume look based on the memorable and frightening characters American Horror Story just got that much easier.

If you are a horror fan, whatever your favorite nightmare is, you secretly hope it never ends. For those of you who love the thrill of scary movies, but enjoy the suspense of episodic television, American Horror Story is a terrifying nightmare come true! Since 2011, the FX channel has broadcast six unique American Horror Story seasons, each telling a different horrific tale that is likely to scare the bejeezus out of you. From haunted houses and asylums for the criminally insane to freak shows and paranormal activity--if you are a fan of horror, this is the show for you!

American Horror Story and Halloween fit together like a creepy hand and glove. What better way to celebrate your favorite television show than by bringing one of the characters from American Horror Story to life through a great costume and a few accessories. We have put together an amazing collection of items to help you achieve a fantastic American Horror Story look. From hats, gloves, and boas to wigs, masks, and full costumes, we've got what it takes to recreate all your American Horror Story favorite characters.