Ant-Man Costumes

You’ve heard it said that good things come in small packages.  When it comes to Marvel’s latest superhero flick, this adage certainly holds true.  Before his life as Ant-Man, Scott Lang had pretty much screwed up his life.  He committed some “almost justifiable” crimes, and as a result, got sent straight to the slammer.  His wife was not happy, and she and his beloved daughter Cassie packed up and left. After his release from San Quentin, Scott is given an ultimatum by his ex--get a solid job and get your life together or there will be little if any chance for visitation with daughter Cassie.  For some that may have been rock bottom--but luckily for Scott, this was about the time he connected with Dr. Pym.  Dr. Pym has an idea that might shrink Scott’s life mess (as well as himself) down to a very small size.  Ant-Man is born!  Now utilizing his past life cat burglar skills in addition to his new pest-size persona, Scott will find himself in a position to burgle away an invention that uses the shrinking substance for dastardly and malevolent military purposes.  Scott Lang must help Dr. Pym save the world! 

If you want to be a proper Ant-Man, you just gotta have the suit--and for that, we’ve got you covered.  (The bit about shrinking down to the size of an ant, well that is going to be on you!)  For all your authentic Ant-Man gear, you just gave to check our selection of Ant-Man costumes for kids and adults.  Ant-Man.  He’s the perfect superhero for the average little guy!