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In 2009, the science fiction fantasy film created by James Cameron hit theatres and was seen by a record number of moviegoers. The story takes place in the mid 22nd century. Jake Sully, a paraplegic ex-marine has been asked to take the place of his brother on mission to a moon called Pandora. In exchange for intelligence that he can gather on Pandora, he will receive a spinal operation that may return the use of his legs.

The mission involves infiltrating the Na’vi people, a race of 10 ft. tall, bright blue beings that inhabit Pandora. The cooperating military regime led by Colonel Quaritch, enlists the assistance of Jake in this operation because it was necessary to have someone with the identical DNA to his brother who had recently been killed. Because Jake was a twin, his DNA would be a perfect match! The mission focuses on the Na’vi people who are in the way of an important mining expedition that has been designed to extract a rare and important mineral, unobtainium. Jake would become a substitute Avatar and then would try to get information from and about the Na’vi people by becoming a Na’vi-human-hybrid Avatar. Jake becomes torn when he not only bonds with the Na’vi people, but falls in love with a Na’vi female, Neytiri.

The uncommon nature of the Avatar characters makes for an incredible and uniquely blue Halloween costume dress up experience. Jake Sully, Neytiri as well as everything you need to recreate your own version of a Na’vi native is here for you. Bring your mission to Pandora a little closer to home with one of these amazing epic costumes.