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Bratz Movie Costumes

Bratz Halloween Costumes

In 2001, MGA Entertainment created an exciting line of teenage fashion dolls called Bratz. The dolls became instant hits amongst “tween” girls everywhere. In 2007, a feature film was created featuring the Bratz characters. Now this was a “High school movie with Brat-titude.”

In the film, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin start High school. While there, they discover that their varied interests have caused them to drift apart a little bit. Cloe joins the Soccer Team, Sasha joins the Cheerleading squad, Jade becomes a member of the math club and Yasmin is just left out in the cold and feels a little bit bitter about the loss of her best friends.

Through the course of the film the girls become reunited (in detention, of course) and have to work together to deal with the unsavory but very popular, Meredith who has created a bit of drama in their lives.

The Bratz girls are fashionistas with diversity and flair. Bratz versions of traditional Halloween garb are going to make your little diva feel extra special this Halloween with lots of true Bratz style!