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Marvel Comics introduced Captain America to the world in 1941 and he’s been a favorite comic book superhero ever since. In recent days, Captain America has been made into several films, the most recent being Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers has a weak and sickly body and although he wants desperately to be part of the military and join the war effort, because of his physical infirmities he is rejected repeatedly from military service. Steve learns of a top-secret operation called “Project Rebirth.” During this somewhat experimental procedure, Steve not only is restored to full health, but now he has a body that is able to function at the ultimate level of human performance. Captain America is now fully equipped to defend the ideals that America has always stood for and now must deal with Nazi officer Johann Schmidt who has evil designs of his own.

For a patriotic twist on a superhero, Captain America is the perfect choice for Halloween dress up. Save America from the Nazi regime with a Captain America costume that is designed to bring out your inner American hero. Traditional Captain America costumes with all the necessary accessories can be found here for your dress up party. Additionally, for you girls that want to throw yourself into the Captain America fray, we have female versions that will definitely get you some very positive attention. Don’t forget your littlest potential Captain America cuties, either!